A Real Diet Plan for Woman that Works

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Me and the ladies just got done looking over this Venus Factor review and have come to the conclusion that we are going to do it together! Get your bets ready, cause it’s on like Donkey Kong (anyone remember that video game from the 80′s?)

Here is a reminder:

OK, I’m showing my age – oh my goodness.  Anyway it is important to stay healthy and look fabulous for the fellas, right?  Oh, I know what you’re thinking and NO, this is NOT a diet plan to make you all skinny, my man don’t like that a she like them curves like a real woman should have.

This program helps put those curves in the right places while melting away the ones you don’t want with specific foods and calories that either burn or pack it on.  Coupled with the exercise routines, they distribute all that fuel into fat and muscle where it belongs.

All those days of eating junk food and fast food have paid the price, but luckily it can be reversed with this Venus Factor, so we all gonna try it with me, right?!  Good! ;)

Laws That Protect You From Second Hand Smoke

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There seems to be a ban on smoking anywhere you go around here, this includes ecigs too. The law pertains to smokers who use either product in public to protect people and children from second hand vapor?

So keep that cheap e-cigarette in your pocket next time you go out tot he restaurant because they will tell you to put it away – yes, they know its electronic and not a real cigarette, but since it emits a vapor that can travel over to other guests, they prefer no to deal with that at all.

smoking ban

Keep this in mind next time you are out, notice what other smokers are doing… it’s becoming more common that smokers and vapers are standing and talking together outside while they get there buzz of the nicotine.

For those who use e cigarettes, just pay attention to the people around you – do you think they want to smell your 2nd hand vapor?

Are The Best E Cigarettes Going To Be Banned?

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V2-cigsYou may or may not have noticed a boom in popularity among people who smoke electronic cigarettes, known as “vaping”. the best e cigarettes are now under fire from local, city, and state governments because they don’t have the knowledge to properly regulate them.

Are they harmful to the person using them or to the people around them? Does second hand vapor really exist? Those are questions that can not be answered with certainly right now, and the Food and Drug Administration will take years to determine the real effects, if any. Small business is effected here because a lot of new vape shops and vapor lounges have been opening up like crazy across the nation. They are booming with business, what other business model can bast that?

Seems crazy and a story out of the Twilight Zone but it’s true. Of course there are a lot of politics at play as you may imagine… the deeper the pockets the more outrages the laws it seems. Perhaps you are reading this and don;t have a clue to what an e cigarette is? In that case please look at these ecig reviews and learn more, so many options and gadgets to get familiar with.

There are various models and styles that can cause a lot of confusion when it comes to what people are actually vaping in these things.  Yes, it seems some pot heads have gotten the idea to use a vaping mod to smoke their dope in secrecy so they think… So the police and enforcement are having a tough time dealing with these idiots.

Another problem is that some of these e-cigs look like the real thing so much, it’s hard t tell.  The Njoy brand (not to be confused with the coffee creamer) has a e-cigarette that looks and acts just like a real one, the only way to tell is upon close inspection. Why is this bad? Because people are using these in “no smoking” areas and since they look so real it could ignite (pun intended) people to light up their real cig thinking it’s alright since no one is enforcing it – it’s just how people think these days.

The most popular e cigarette brand is probably the V2 e cig according to recent web statistics online. They seem to have the most traffic and popularity amongst social media.  The company does work hard to keep it’s brand fresh with new products and a full disclosure policy regarding to what ingredients go into their e juices and batteries.

If you want to check them out, here is a video on how to get a V2 Cigs coupon so you can try them at a discount if you wish.

So now you know a little more about what’s going on, if you are a smoker then you may want to check out these electric devices out on your own and determine if they are a fit for you.  Whether they will be banned is in the air still… This goes without saying I hope, but all types of nicotine delivery devices are for adults only and not for teens or kids, so please keep them away and out of their reach is you own electronic cigarettes.

Cheapest Online Car Insurance Quote Tips and Tricks

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We all want to save money, right? Does this mean sacrificing the quality of service and coverage when comparing car insurance quotes online? No, you just need to be a smart shopper and pay attention to the small details on various ways you can take advantage of what’s right in front of you.

If you are a young driver under 25, expect to pay more as well as an older driver over 75 just because those age brackets are more likely to get into an accident.  Also your location matters plenty, if your area in which you live and work is considered “safe” then expect to pay less.

The vehicle you drive makes the biggest difference when you have full coverage auto insurance.  A midsize 4 door sedan is amongst the cheapest to insure, while SUV’s and 2 door sports cars are the most expensive.

2 main reasons why:

  1. The get stolen more frequently
  2. They get into more accidents statistically

It is important to realize this before you buy a new car or truck, as the cost of auto insurance can be vastly different amongst models and car types.  The best thing to do is perform a online auto insurance quote and see what kinds of deals are available for you.  You need to provide your data so the results will be accurate.

Research on the web which models of cars get stolen the most and which ones have bad safety ratings as that will give you an idea of what cars to avoid.  If you own one of the “bad” ones, think about selling it or trading it in for a safer model.

If you are a “safe driver” you can expect a nice discount on your cars insurance policy as well. Known as the safe-driver discount!  You can even take an online safe drivers course (yes, on your computer provided by the local DMV) and that will give you another 10% or so of savings off your automobile insurance.

Even if you live outside the Mississippi area it is important to take the time to research all your insurance coverages, not just your car insurance.  Your funds are important to us, and to the community so that is why we want to help you save any kind of money wherever you can.

Borrowing Against Your Life Insurance

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Did you know that when you take out a a life insurance policy you are actually investing in yourself and are able to use that money you invested as a loan? Yes it is true, but many people do not take advantage of this because the do not want to leave their loved ones in the dark if they should meet the Grim Reaper anytime soon.

You can only do this if you have invested years, even decades into your life insurance policy where there is a substantial amount to borrow against. Each policy is different so check with your agent if you can use your own policy to get a few bucks from. Browse and compare life insurance quotes online and you will see what I mean. Pretty cheap, huh? Just make sure you get a “cash accumulated policy”.

This is why many families take out policies on their children, not because it’s creepy or morbid, but for the investment opportunities as these insurance companies have incentives and such which makes it a lucrative option to put your money into.  Many financial savvy parents use this later on for the kid’s college fund or for medical emergencies that health insurance will not cover.

Business Tips for Loan Applications

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Here are some tips when starting your business and planning for any types of loans you may need, which include the mortgage on the building you plan to buy or  or refinance home mortgage on an existing on you already own (if you intent not to rent).

Business loan applicants are evaluated based upon the 5 C’s of credit, which include:

  1. Capital
  2. Collateral
  3. Capacity
  4. Condition
  5. Character

Did you know that you can obtain a free credit report annually at annualcreditreport.com?  Look into getting an online payday loan for the purpose of paying off to higher your credit ratings.

A good business plan must include a marketing plan. The plan should address the 5 P’s of marketing.

  1. Product
  2. Positioning
  3. Place
  4. Price
  5. Promotion

You should always research the competition and determine your niche market. It’s a good idea for business owners to update their business plan annually. Evaluate what occurred during the previous year and determine the changes, if any, that need to be made. Compare your actual financial performance to your projections.

Welcome to Mincap.org

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Hello, we welcome you to our website about funds and finance for all across the nation (not just the great state of Mississippi).

mississippi cruise

If you are struggling to make ends meet and are feeling stressed out by money, try and hang in there as we will be offering some tips to help you get over your financial hurdles in life.  These lowest refinance rates are yours if you want them.

We know first hand how missing one payment on something can cause a deep downward spiral into the abyss of debt. With jobs paying less and a lot of uncertainty of where your next job will come from, it’s hard.

Stay tuned, we are just getting set-up and started again here.